To Be or Not To Be…

After many weeks’ debate, I decided to add all current DPL patrons who have email addresses to our list of ‘subscribed’ patrons. Therefore, you have been led to our page intentionally.

Now, to “be” subscribed or not to “be” subscribed is entirely up to you. If you don’t wish to get notifications of blog postings and updates to our “New Books” pages, then simply go to the right side of the screen and enter your email address into the ‘unsubscribe’ box. It’s that simple.

We hope that you will, however, choose to “be” subscribed so we can bring you timely news and information about your library.  If you’d rather subscribe under a different email address, just ‘unsubscribe’ and then ‘subscribe’ using the new email.

As we go into the dog-days of summer, stop by and read for a while, browse a magazine, surf the ‘net’ and be a part of our great community here at DPL!


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