Tickets are Going Fast!


As spring gets ready to “Spring” out at us, we wish everybody the joy of renewal and hope for a good crop and healthy summer.

Don’t forget to stop in & get your raffle tickets for the book bags (see earlier post)! Nearly half the tickets are gone in the past week & half! 

Also today giving a big shout-out to our volunteers.  Hardly a week goes by when I don’t have some help from somebody around here. It is wonderful that the community cares so much about their library and want it to always be better.

Lately I’ve been getting help from a couple of De Soto High School students. Thank you to them for their efforts to assist in the cataloging and pre-inventory checking on sections of the library. Thanks to their efforts, the Large Print collection is completely cataloged and inventoried.  Thanks to Jon and Emily!

Also, Lynn and Bonnie continue to help out at Toddler Tuesday when they can.  They both have volunteered to help out for the summer program as well.  

Our latest new volunteer, Harriet, has been going through our dvd sections and checking to be sure our library name and the barcode are listed on each disc. It’s a time-consuming job and I’m very grateful for her assistance in this project!

If you have a yen to help out your community, drop by and help whenever you’re able! We always appreciate the help of our patrons!


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