The Summer Program is Going Strong!

The first week of our summer program started off with a bang, a crash, a quack and a whole lot of fun!  We had nearly 40 kids (and a couple dozen adults) come to pick up their passports, decorate bookbags, get a new face and play carnival games.  Much thanks to Meg & Lanie Buchner for their superb face-painting skills, Jean & Mickayla for holding down the games & snack table,  and the summer committee — Joann, Michelle & Dawn — for all the work planning and assisting!

This week, June 20th, the younger kids read a story about bedtime and made ‘dream catchers’.  The older group learned about a tesseract, the device used in “A Wrinkle In Time” for time travel.  They attempted to make a tesseract (a cube in the 4th dimension) out of coffee stirrers and marshmallows, and then jello cubes for fun.  We all had a good laugh at some of the creations.

Be sure to join us this coming Wednesday, June 27th for the next program!  See more photos of the Summer Program by visiting this page.

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