The Mystery of the New Snow Shovel…

Next time you come to the library (well, before all the snow melts, so anytime before August!), stop to admire our new snow shovel!

Why should a snow shovel be of interest? Because the old rusted shovel (with a curling lip and twisted handle, I might add) we’ve had in our storage room since the dawn of the dinosaurs was just not cutting it anymore.  Now, I’m one to use something for as long as it’s useful. Waste not, want not and all that jazz. But that shovel, well…let’s just say it’s ready for the junk heap!

And not to say that the library shouldn’t provide its own new shovel, but it’s simply a matter of me never THINKING to purchase an new shovel….until I come to work and suddenly have to shovel my way IN the door. Seems that’s happened a lot lately.

So last week, some kind stranger slipped a new shovel into the entryway.

I’ve checked with all the usual suspects and nobody is taking credit for the lovely new shovel, so I’m assuming whoever brought it over (and even marked it w/ the library’s name, so I wouldn’t go looking for its owner) wants to remain anonymous.  Just goes to show you what a wonderful community we live in!  Thank You to our benefactor!

Hope to see you soon at the library!


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