The Great Fuzz Frenzy & Sarcophagus Central

On August 7th, the Summer Reading Program was full of vivid colors and imagination!

The Story Club read The Great Fuzz Frenzy by sisters Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel, about a community of prairie dogs gone wild over the fuzz off a tennis ball that was dropped down one of their tunnels.  The mayhem that ensues is hysterical, but also demonstrates a good lesson in sharing and greed.

They also covered prairie dogs of their own with colorful pom-poms to help them remember the lessons learned in this story.  They also decorated sun visors with pom-poms and markers.

Book Club members worked on painting their plaster sarcophagus for the newly mummified dolls using traditional colors found on authentic sarcophagi from Egypt. They then moved on to making canopic jars to go along with their displays.

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