Sundays are HOLLY-Daze at DPL…OOPS

I apologize but I’ve become aware of some confusion regarding the scheduled craft days for kids (Holly-Daze) this weekend and next.

Last year we did these days on Saturdays, but to avoid crowding during library open hours, we can’t start the event until 2 p.m.   So in November I decided to host the events on Sundays instead, so that we can have them earlier in the day as well.

However, a list of “upcoming events” I distributed in September/October listed the dates as this Saturday and next.  I apologize for the confusion, when I made the registration forms, I did not remember previously announcing specific dates.

So SUNDAYS are the magic day…tomorrow & next Sunday! Still some slots available for sign ups. Kids 3 (or nearly 3) to 13 can come craft home made gifts for family members & wrap them up to go. Cookies & cocoa too.  Kids under 7 should have a family member along to assist them with the crafts if at all possible. Kids over 7 can be dropped off to do their crafting as long as they’re comfortable and they can behave appropriately.

Call or email the library 648-3593 or to sign up!

Hope to see you soon at the library!

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