Pirate Day a Blazing Success!

pirate 9

On what seems to be the hottest day of the summer, so far, DPL was invaded by a hoard of Pirates!  pirate 3 pirate 4 pirate 5 pirate 6 pirate 7

The crowd was a bit thinner than most weekly programs, but the heat didn’t keep some of Me Hardies away!  We had a great story this week, How I Became A Pirate by Melinda Long, and an indoor scavenger hunt for the younger crowd. The clues on the hunt led them to a treasure chest outdoors where they claimed a baggie of goodies then they chose someone from the older group to lead them on an outdoor treasure hunt.

The older kids had a great time filling up the goodie boxes, hiding them in the nearby area and then drawing a treasure map that their young friend could follow.  Metal rubbings of Pirates and a Pirate quiz kept us entertained as well. pirate 8 pirate 13 pirate 12 pirate 11


To top it all off, Miss Bonnie brought us a wonderful sculpted watermelon Pirate ship! And as the best-dressed adult there, she won a pirate wind sock as well! pirate 14

We have some passes left for Crystal Cave, Cave of the Mounds & State Parks for families who have not yet received theirs!  Packer Drawing will be held Saturday, July 20th in the morning!

Hard to believe our summer program is half over already, but there is still plenty more to come! This week: Geodes and Rocks! J&R Military Surplus has supplied us with a large box of geodes so everybody will be able to crack open and keep their own! Plus, we have some petrified Mastadon teeth & fossils to view. Plus, make your own pet rock. For the Book Club, we’ll also be making sand pyramids!

Hope to see you soon at the library!

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