New Book by an Iowa Veteran

angles on shouldersJust Arrived last week: Angels On Our Shoulders: World War II B-29 Superfortress Destroying the Empire of Japan  by Edward F. Heiberger.   This volume was self-published last fall by Dubuque resident Edward Heiberger and I heard about it when he called me up cold and sold me on the book right over the phone.  For a man in his 80’s to go through the time and energy to write out his life story, then cold-call libraries and pitch it for sale takes incredible courage and stamina. I couldn’t say no.

Although I have not had time to do more than skim the book, I can tell you it will ring true to anybody who grew up in the Upper Midwest during the 1930’s.  Edward Heiberger starts right in telling the story just as if you’ve sat down with him at the local café and were sipping coffee and munching on a donut, giving readers the blunt truth right up front: Sadly my dad died when I was six years old…My mom had us five kids in grade school to raise, tough, but she did it. It was the Great Depression….  There isn’t anything pretentious or fancy about Heiberger’s words but yet you can’t help but read this and picture the images as he tells the stories from his boyhood and his time in the military during World War II and through 35 combat missions.  This book is now available for checkout; I hope many will take the opportunity to read this first-hand account by our near neighbor.


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