National Library Week…has been “LOST”

april 14Yes, my fellow book lovers, April has passed us by.  And amidst the many days of this busy month, I completely forgot to celebrate (or even announce) National Library Week, which passed by more than 2 weeks ago.

I apologize for my delayed reaction to the month of April, but really, can you blame me? I’m as confused as a robin trying to wrest a worm from the barely thawed topsoil!  My seasonal psyche is stuck somewhere between February and March!

However, to remedy this situation, I’d like to invite all patrons to visit us in MAY and leave their name/phone number on a slip of paper (on the conference table) in the bucket provided.  We have some lovely “National Library Week” prizes to give away and you might be the lucky one to win a rubbery ducky reading a mystery novel, or a bookmark that keeps track of your reading time!

While the majority of the “prizes” are geared towards kids, there are some adult-oriented items, too (hey, even *I* would love a mystery-reading Rubber Duckie!).  You can sign up once per day throughout the month.

Additionally, new this week, LOST!  Yes, that never-ending TV series that drove us all mad several years ago!  We have just obtained the complete Seasons 1-5 (working on getting Season 6).  Maybe if I took the time to watch all the bonus features, I’d be able to figure out what that show really was all about???  It held the collective attention span of the entire country for six years so surely there MUST have been a point to it….right????

For those of you who wish some lighter DVD fare, try Season 1 of Gilligan’s Island.  Who doesn’t love Gilligan….the Skipper too….the Millionaire and his Wife…the Movie Star…and the rest (the original song did not mention The Professor and Marianne, tsk tsk)!

And finally, the show must go on:  your absentminded but always sincere librarian will be away from her post for a few days in May due to the birth of our first grandchild, who is due at any moment.  Never fear; faithful substitutes will do their very best to keep items checked in and out for you and I will be back as soon as I can tear myself away from the rocking chair!

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