Minnesota Author’s Talent is no ‘Mystery’

One of the great things about being a librarian is really getting to know all the treasures, aka books, that we have here.  I’m finding all kinds of wonderful things and my ‘to read’ list has grown exponentially this month.

One day, I picked up May Day by Jess Lourey off our ‘new arrivals’ cart and read the first sentence.  “Thursday marked my tenth official day alone at the library, but the heady draw of being my own boss had worn off…”

I certainly got a good laugh, as I had just passed about 10 days since starting this job.  Although I’ve traditionally not been a big ‘mystery’ reader, my foray last year into Lee Childs’ “Jack Reacher” series has me somewhat hooked.  So I took the book home and enjoyed it thoroughly.

This book begins the Murder-By-Month series that Lourey began in 2006.  May Day introduces us to Mira James, a late 20’s single woman born and raised in a small farming community in west central Minnesota.  James has been living in the Twin Cities for some years, attending college and working at a variety of low paying jobs that leave her feeling rootless.

A twist of fate lands her in Battle Lake, Minnesota, another small community much like the one she ran away from after high school.  Though intending to stay only a short while, Mira soon finds herself with two jobs, a house and pet to babysit and a dead boyfriend on her hands.

Lourey’s Midwestern wit is spot-on and her Midwestern characters are entirely believable; in fact, some of them remind me of people I knew in the small Midwestern town of my youth.  Her humor can tend towards the mildly raucous, so I wouldn’t suggest the book to teens, however, it’s mild enough for most any adult reader.

In addition to May Day, the series includes the following titles: June Bug (which I’ve just finished and enjoyed every bit as much as the first installment), Knee High by the 4th of July (we have ordered), August Moon, September Fair (on order), October Fest and November Hunt (also on order).

Like many series, this one does not require that you read the books in order, however, the development of the characters leads me to want to read them in order.  I can’t wait for “Knee High by the 4th of July” to arrive!

Wishing you and your families a wonderful 4th of July. Remember, we are closed that day and there will be no summer program for kids that day.


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