Library Closing for a Week!

In order to rearrange our floorplan and install some updated shelving, the library will be CLOSED from Sunday, November 23rd through Monday, December 1st.

We will need volunteers to help with various relocating projects, so if you’d like to volunteer for some time, call the library and leave a message (608-648-3593) or email:

I plan to be there on Monday-Wednesday from 9-5, with a break for lunch when it’s convenient in the work flow.  Then nobody will be at the library Thursday and Friday (Thanksgiving), but I will be back at it Saturday-Monday again.

If we get all the shelving rearranges and the books all back in place by Sunday evening, we’ll be putting up the holiday decor on Monday.

Have a nice Thanksgiving holiday and come visit us starting December 2nd to see our new floorplan!


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