International Games Day Coming November 16th!

Join us next Saturday, November 16th, for our 2nd Annual International Game Day Celebration!  We will again host a Labyrinth Tournament (see pic below). This game takes 3 minutes to learn and goes fast, so come prepared with your own group of 4 or come and play with whoever is available!

We’ll also have Scrabble, checkers/chess and other standards. This year, USAoploy, a sponsor of the event, donated two new games to DPL. Tapple  (view an instructional video here: and Crossways will also be offered.  We also have a variety of fun kids’ games.  Did you know you can check out the board games at the library after the date of the event? So come and learn a new game then play it with your family. It’s a great way to try out a game before deciding if you want to purchase it for your own home.

Snacks will be served and the library will be open as usual as well. Come and enjoy a day of fun and games! labyrinth

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