I couldn’t do it without YOU!

Just wanted to take a moment to shout out to some of the folks who have helped me out in the past several months.  I certainly could no do my job as well without the dedicated help of many in the community! This list couldn’t possibly be complete, so if I’ve missed you, I apologize!

The crew that helped with the summer program: Michelle, Joann & Dawn, and the many parents & grandparents who pitched in when things were busy!

Barb & Raven have been putting in tremendous effort on our non-fiction weeding and organizing!  I’ve been very lucky to have them both.  Raven’s hours are fulfilled and Barb is flying south (you know what I mean), so I’m plugging away at that on my own now.

The toddler story hour on Tuesday mornings has been great, due in part to Joann, Lynn & Shirley who’ve helped read & coordinate crafts!

Just today, a crew pitched in to help me move furniture and items so the library’s carpeting could be cleaned. Thanks to Heather, Amanda, Allen, Leilani, Zahara & Eva!

Eva also helped clean out the flower boxes outside and bag up the leaves today!

This is a community library and it takes a community to run it! If you have a yen to help out, give me a holler & we’ll surely find some way for you to contribute your talents to our cause.

Hope to see you soon!

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