Heading for the Finish Line!

On August 14th, the Summer Reading Program celebrated our next-to-last program and looked forward to next week’s finale to be held at the De Soto Community Center! (more photos follow the post)

The Story Club this week read Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane and learned about the proper way to construct a Fairy House outdoors. To practice, we created an indoor version of a Fairy House (and in the case of the boys, a Troll House) with moss, stones, shells and dried plant parts. They turned out beautifully and we’re very proud of the creativity shown every week by the kids who come to the library!

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After a scavenger hunt around the library, each child chose a key chain or necklace with “Fairy Dust” or “Troll Dust”.

The Book Club members worked frantically to complete any missing parts of their Egyptian displays and used bubble gum to create “guts” for their canopic jars as well as writing their name in hieroglyphics on real papyrus from Egypt.

All the Egyptian items created this summer by the Book Club will be displayed at the Community Center on Wednesday, August 21st and all members of the public are invited to attend our final program to view the displays, see presentations by the Mississippi Valley Archeology Society and professors and students from UW-La Crosse’s Archeology department!  The programs begin at 2 p.m. with awards for the best readers and prizes for all to follow. Please consider joining us to praise local youth for reading and being active in their library all summer!

As we wind down the summer, I want to especially thank Jack and Ramona La Haie from J&R Surplus (and their son Nate) for making heroic efforts to bring and set up/take down their shade tent so that we could be outdoors without suffering under the summer sun. Their commitment to the community is amazing and we want to be sure that they know how much we appreciate them! They also provided us with the geodes and various artifacts to view throughout the summer.

Also much thanks to Lynne David for “holding down the fort” at the front desk during the programs. Not only did she manage the checkouts, but she came in at least 1 hour early every week to help with set up and prep work and stayed after the programs to help put everything back in order as well.  I sincerely could not have managed this summer without her help.  If you see Lynne, please thank her for her dedication to the library!

Bonnie Flick also needs to be commended for her wonderful array of snacks, often presented in very creative manners.  Every week I hear the kids talking amongst themselves saying “I wonder what Bonnie is going to bring us this week!!”  They could always count on it being tasty and fun.  By taking on this job for the summer, Bonnie allowed me to concentrate more on preparation for the weekly programs so that we could maximize our learning and our fun! Please thank Bonnie if you see her out and about!

Many other members of the community contributed throughout the summer and I know there is no way I will remember to thank them all.  If I’ve missed you in this list, please understand it is not intentional on my part.  Much thanks go to: Amanda & Allen, for help in the tent take down/set up, as well as Amanda for faithfully coming every single week to help the Book Club members with their displays.  She is a huge asset to this program and deserves acknowledgement. Ben and Lauren, high school students who helped with various prep work and assistance during the program. Meg, Christine and Joann, who read our stories to the Story Club all summer long. Jean Sandry, for lending a hand whenever necessary. Lenay Kumlin for doing prep work behind-the-scenes and all the parents who jump in to help the kids do their weekly crafts.

The DPL board of directors also need to be commended for recognizing the importance of a good summer program and giving me freedom to plan and implement it for the third time now. Every year as the program grows and evolves, I am sincerely amazed at the response from the community and the goodwill this fosters among the area’s youth.

Here are pictures from the August 14th program. As always, Miss Bonnie amazed us by bringing in a sarcophagus of her own, filled with cheese sticks!  We also feasted on marshmallow and graham cracker sandwiches! Yummm!

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