Get Movin’ to Beat the Blues

kids yogaEven though Spring *should* be coming along any day now, I think we all have resigned ourselves to the fact that Spring may be a  a teensy bit late this year. 

By now we should be getting our seed catalogs out, dreading the raking of the yard, taking a walk or fishing in the pond.  But no, we’re still stuck indoors. Stuck in front of the TV (dvd checkouts have been booming this winter at DPL) and just feeling stuck.  And I can’t even imagine how pent up the kids must be; it’s too cold for them even to go outdoors for recess many days!

To help relieve some of the winter doldrums and start flexing your muscles for spring activities, we have just received the following dvds:

  • Yoga for Families: 31 minute workout for all family members to get involved & moving!
  • Playful Planet’s Storyland Yoga: 2 different yoga programs to teach kids yoga by imitating animals and going on a fun-filled adventure to help the planet, for ages 3-8
  • Kenn Kihiu’s Dance-X: Fun Dance & Exercise for Kids with Great Music.  42 minute workout with “simple but slamming athletic dance moves and some of the hottest music from around the world”.
  • Fit Girl: fitness routines for teens.  This dvd features Dance Moves in a 30-minute workout with step-by-step instructions with easy to follow choreography.

Spring can’t hold out forever, but in the meantime, stay active so that you can be enjoying the great outdoors when it finally arrives!

Hope to see you soon at the library!

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