Do you want to write a Novel?

nanowrimoNovember is NANOWRIMO, short for National Novel Writing Month! It’s a month-long challenge designed to jump start your creativity.  All you have to do is log 50,000 words (which is a short novel, honestly) in the month.  The novel doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be sale-able, it just has to be long enough to have really challenged you to create. Any genre, any old way you want to write it. The point is just: WRITE!

I’ve done the challenge once successfully, and once unsuccessfully.  I’m going to try it again this year, and even if I don’t succeed, I know that the writing I do in November could someday be the springboard to something else, a full novel maybe? But whether or not it ever goes to a publisher isn’t the point to me. The fun is in the adventure, the amazement at how the creative mind can spring out a story when it’s challenged.

Join me in November and come share your ideas and get support from other writers at the library.  The library will be open for NANOWRIMO participants every Wednesday and Thursday evening throughout the month for “write ins”.  A write in is just a quite time and place to write. Those who are registered participants will be allowed to stay until 9 p.m. those nights (the library closes to the general public at 8:00).

High school students are encouraged to sign up and participate, too!  Those who are 17 and younger can set a reasonable goal less than the 50,000.  Kids younger than high school are encouraged to participate at the library if an adult family member also comes along.

Bring your laptop if you have one, or the four public use computers will also be available during that time. WIRMO’s will have priority for the computer use during this time.  Flash drives will be available for loan (limited number available) for those who want to bring their writing from home & add to it here at the library.

To register for this challenge, visit and sign up. It’s free! It’s FUN! And it will really get your brain a moving! You can start ‘planning’ your novel now, make some brief notes, begin your character planning, but no actual writing until November 1st!  All the rules and information are available on the site. You can upload your first chapter, join forums and get encouragement and help online also!

If you sign up, please let the library know so that we can be encouraging you along the way. And if possible, please plan to attend a ‘write-in’ (or all of them) and share your progress.

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