D. P. L. ‘Rocks’

rock 24 rock12 rock 1 rock 2 rock 3 rock 4 rock 5 rock 6 rock 7 rock 8 rock 10 rock 11 rock 12 rock 13 rock 14 rock 15 rock 16 rock 17 rock 18 rock 19 rock 20 rock 21 rock 22 rock 23This week in our Summer Reading Program, we explored Rocks and their crushed counterpart, sand.  The Book Club used a clay made of sand and cornstarch to form pyramids, part of their Egyptian displays that they’re creating throughout the summer.  Some even expanded their display to include a Sphinx.  

They also practiced their skills with hieroglyphics by spelling out words and phrases and seeing if the other kids in the group could “read” them. Everybody agreed that our modern ‘alphabet’ is much easier than the way the Egyptians wrote.

The Story Club read books about rocks and minerals, then used their creativity to turn polished rocks into “pets”.  Very 70’s indeed!  The variety of pets they created from the rocks was very fun to see.

Miss Bonnie created a wonderful ‘pyramid’ out of rice krispie treats for us this week.

We were given 2 very large geodes for the library to display and a huge box of smaller (egg sized) geodes for the kids to break open and keep.  A big THANK YOU to Jack & Ramona La Haie for donating the geodes to the library!

And Thanks to slightly cooler temperatures from Mother Nature, we were able to enjoy the outdoors this week.

After picking several family names from a bucket, we finally were able to give away the Packer Family Night tickets to the Sandry Family–we look forward to hearing all about this fun event.

The drawing for the autographed Packer Game Ball will be held August 21st at the final day program, which we’ve scheduled for the Community Center.  Archaeologists and students from UW-L and the Mississippi Valley Archeology Center will be presenting programs and hands-on activities for the kids that day.  Community members are welcomed to join us as well to see the fun, view the Egyptian displays and congratulate the area kids on a summer full of reading and fun.

Scroll down for more photos!

Hope to see you soon at the library!

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