Batty for Books? Free special program THIS WEEK!!!

Wednesday, August 13th 2 p.m. at the De Soto Community Center!!

FREE Special Event for all ages!!! 

Incredible Bats:   Dan and Sharon Peterson from the Chicago area will be in town to teach us about the science of bats and why they are so important to our ecology, as well as dispel common myths about bats. They will be bringing their own, hand raised,  live Egyptian Fruit bats and African Straw-Colored bats to demonstrate (the bats will not be flying loose or able to hurt anybody, but you also will NOT be allowed to touch the bats 🙂

We’ll have refreshments and bat crafts and bat activities for kids!  Come enjoy this special opportunity to see some of the most beautiful bats on the planet (by the way, did you know that nearly 1/4 of the mammal species on this planet are BATS????).  Learn about bats and come to appreciate the amazing things they do for our planet!

Please note: this program replaces our weekly kids’ summer reading program for the week!  Our FINAL week for SRP will be August 20th at the Library! Prizes for all kids!!! Come celebrate the reading you did this summer!


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