Archeology Week Digs Into the Imagination!

*note: sorry about the delay in posting from the past few summer programs, it’s always a whirlwind to get ready for the next week!  Photos below the post!

On July 31st, the Summer Reading Program delved into the world of archeology.

The Story Club read an abridged version “Pharaoh’s Boat” by David Weitzman, detailing the incredible find of archeologists in the 1950’s  of a boat built for the Pharaoh Kufu 2500 years earlier.  They learned about the painstaking way that archeologists rebuilt the boat so it could be displayed at a museum.

To get into the spirit of digging into archeology, the kids decorated plinth helmets with Egyptian symbols and designs.  They also “dug” into chocolate chip/M&M/walnut cookies with toothpicks and straws to get an idea of how difficult it is to get artifacts out of the ground after thousands of years without damaging them. Of course, there was plenty of nibbling going on as well, as would be expected!

Book Club members continued their Egyptian displays by “mummifying” small “barbie” type dolls and making a booklet of information explaining the mummification process. They also covered the mummy with varnish, similar to the pine pitch used by Egyptians to preserve their mummies.

Miss Bonnie surprised us with “Mummy” cookies this week!

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