A Mysterious Benefactor…

Recently, an unknown person left a large donation of nice books in our book return.  Amazingly, the majority of them were books we did not already own!  So here is a list of books added to our collection recently.  Many thanks to the donor; information about donating books is attached after the list of donations recently received!

  • Beyond the Limit by Lindsay McKenna
  • Roadwork by Stephen King
  • Blood Brothers 7 by Nora Roberts
  • Be My Texas Valentine by Linda Broday, etc.
  • Blue Skies by Robyn Carr
  • Leopard’s Prey by Christine Feehan
  • The Last Exile by E.V. Seymour
  • In Desperation by Rick Mofina
  • Link by Walt Becker
  • The Long Walk by Stephen King
  • Night Child by Dean Koontz
  • Vegas Heat by Fern Michaels

How can I donate a book?  If you wish to donate book(s) to the library that you no longer need, you may drop them in the drop box if there are just a few.  Please include a note so that staff knows they are donations.  If no note is included, then we set the items aside for 2 weeks in case someone tossed in their personal book without realizing it and may come back to reclaim it.

If you have more than a few books to donate, please bring them in when the library is open.  If you must leave them during non-open hours, if possible (Tuesday afternoon and Fridays) leave them at the Village Office next door. Or place in a water tight container and leave up tight against the wall in the covered entryway and mark it as a donation.  However, we ask that you try not to do this.

What about tax benefits?  Books donated to the library can be claimed as a tax deduction the same as if you donated them to a charitable organization such as Goodwill.  The staff can provide you with a form that lists how many hardcover & softcover books you donated.  However, the library does not attach a value to the items. It is the patron’s responsibility to determine that amount.  There are various online resources to assist you in determining a book’s tax value.   If you’ve left books in the drop box and wish a tax receipt, please leave a note along listing which books you are donating and your name and phone number and/or email for the library staff to contact you when your receipt is ready for pick up.  If you drop books in the drop box without identifying information, staff will not be able to create a tax receipt for those items.

What happens to the books? Books that are donated to the library may be utilized in one of three ways.  First, we always try to add the items to our own collection if we do not already own that book.  However, space constraints make it impossible to add every book we receive.  If we do not add the book to our own collection, we look for other homes for the book. That can include either giving the book to another local library who could use it or selling the book at booksales or online venues.   Lastly, if we cannot sell or locate a new home for the book, we may pass it on to other charitable organizations such as Goodwill.  All decisions on a donated book’s addition to the collection or other methods of use are at the library’s discretion with the exception of books given as memorials.

If you have any further questions about donating books, please call or email and speak to staff.  Thank you to all those who donate and enrich our library’s collection by doing so!

Hope to see you soon at the library.

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